This Adorable Beagle Has A New Best Friend And It's A FERRET!

This Adorable Beagle Has A New Best Friend And It's A FERRET!

This is the story of a beagle and his unlikely friendship with a ferret and they’re both super adorable together!

This is probably the most patient beagle I’ve seen the whole of today! No seriously I mean look at him! The ferret is so naughty that it keeps coming and disappearing inside the tube but the beagle patiently watches and waits for his buddy to return.

The beagle is left thinking about what to do and every time it’s the ferret who starts picking on the beagle! These two are clearly very comfortable together and something tells us this may not be the first time they’re playing together. It’s smart that their humans are watching closely to make sure everyone is playing safely and boy are they cute together!

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These unlikely friendships always seem to work best when the smaller friend is the one who takes charge and makes the rules, and this is what seems to be the case here with these two cuties!

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