Adorable Beagle Wears A Dress Then Something Hilarious Happens! #Funny!

Adorable Beagle Wears A Dress Then Something Hilarious Happens! #Funny!

They thought they’d dress their sweet beagle up in a cute little outfit, but what they didn’t realize was that their pup had other plans. This is hilarious!

There are times when we see something we think would be adorable to put on our fur kid. An outfit, boots, a hat, you name it, dogs look cute in it. But it’s important to remember that while we may think it’s cute, they might not like it quite as much as we do. Some dogs don’t seem to mind playing dress up, but others just hate it. As cute has her family thought it would be, this beagle wasn’t interested in trying anything on today and she had the most unique way of showing her family that she just wasn’t having it.

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This is hilarious, really! This literally just made my day! Watch the beagle closely. Once her human sibling puts the little outfit on her and gives her the go-ahead to walk, this fur baby takes one second and then does this! I won’t spoil it for you, but I’m sure you’re going to enjoy watching this video so take a look and don’t forget to Like and Share this beagle with your friends!

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