Adorable Dachshund Helps Himself To A Delicious Cake!

Adorable Dachshund Helps Himself To A Delicious Cake!

Everyone meet Ducks, an adorable dachshund pup who’s helping himself to a delicious cake that his parents gave him! Now I don’t know the occasion but it’s definitely got to be something awesome!

Ducks is an adorable dachshund pup who’s so happy at this very moment that there are no words to explain his excitement! He’s helping himself to what looks like a cake with some whipped cream on it. Now we all know that too much whip cream is bad for your fur balls as it contains tons and tons of sugar than can have the same effects on them as they have on us. But talking about cakes, is it good for your fur ball?

According DailyPuppy, “One tiny bite of non-chocolate cake on a very infrequent basis won’t pose a danger to your dog’s health. That doesn’t give you the green light to give him a full-size slice of cake on every holiday and celebratory occasion, though. Cake in general is full of sugar and fat that won’t do your dog a bit of good — even if the cake has no frosting.”

“Feeding your dog vanilla cake can put him at risk of becoming overweight, which can bring a host of other health issues into the mix including joint problems and heart disease. And since obesity can cause diabetes, feeding your dog a blood-sugar-raising piece of cake is like putting him in double danger.” Now take a look at this video on page 2 below.

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