Adorable Dachshund Plays Frisbee...Indoors? Look At Him Chase!

Adorable Dachshund Plays Frisbee...Indoors? Look At Him Chase!

This adorable dachshund mix knows that if you can’t play Frisbee outside, you can always find a way to play inside! Look at him fetch his Frisbee like a pro!

Why do you think this dachshund mix is playing Frisbee inside the house? Simple – to escape the rain! According to the original uploader on Vimeo, “One of the best way to start a gloomy rainy morning is to chase Frisbees in the hallway.

Yep this is Higgins and this dachshund mix absolutely loves to play Frisbee with his person, but the only problem is that it was raining. Solution? Play Frisbee in the hallway! The rain can’t kill this cutie’s spirit.

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