Adorable Dachshund Proves Size Does NOT Matter!

Adorable Dachshund Proves Size Does NOT Matter!

This adorable dachshund pup has just proved to the world that size does not matter and whether it’s a pit bull or an elephant, this fur ball can take all, even if it’s a game of tug of war! Take a look!

When the pit bull came over, he decided to give the dachshund the time of his life – by challenging him to a game of tug of war. What he didn’t realize is that the dachshund was a master of all trades, and his challenge meant nothing! But of course this fur ball had a tough time keeping up, but he didn’t give up! But here’s the thing, does tug of war make your fur ball aggressive?

According to TheHyperPup, ” Years of observation and research (yes, research has been conducted in order to determine whether dogs do become aggressive by playing tug) have proven that most dogs love playing tug. So much in fact, that some trainers use it as a reinforcer/reward during training and agility exercises. All that scary growling and body language you see in the dog is often an expression of how enthusiastically excited they are during play.”

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