Adorable Dog Broke All Records For The Amount Of Tennis Balls In His Mouth!

One thing we know for sure is that our beloved pets have the most amazing and diverse personalities. From the sassy little Jack-Russell to the gentle Great Dane, the adventurous Rhodesian Ridgeback to the soulful Basset, their various characters come to the fore and entertain us endlessly.

As well as personality, dogs have amazing and sometimes incredible abilities that can defy all reason. Like the famous retriever that was caught on camera with six tennis balls in his mouth- how did he even do that? How did he master the skill? Believe it or not, even dogs can plan ahead!

Sometimes actions like these are motivated by forward-thinking. Ever witnessed a little dog scampering from bone to bone and gathering them all up before the other dogs even get a chance? It may look like greed but I’m just sure that little one knows lean days may lie ahead and is preparing for all eventualities, the mindset being “ every man for himself”, or, in this case every dog.

Getting back to the dog and the tennis balls. This pup’s parents were justifiably proud, as not just any dog can perform this trick! The size of his mouth is a huge plus-factor, as a smaller breed wouldn’t be able to compete (unless it could substitute those tennis balls with golf balls).

Our humble hounds can be trained to perform many tricks, especially the littlies who seem to love the acrobatics of twisting in the air and literally jumping for joy through rings and things. Their wonderful and entertaining abilities never cease to amaze and delight us!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Credit: finnyboymolloy

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