Adorable Dog Continues To Play Fetch With Mom... Even In The Shower!

Adorable Dog Continues To Play Fetch With Mom... Even In The Shower!

It’s no secret that most dogs are filled with energy and always love to play – even if it’s at the most inconvenient of times. For Natalie McAllister and her high-energy daughter Baloo, this is the case every day.

Baloo is a total nut, and so silly, while always distracting Natalie from her work. Early on, Natalie realized that Baloo loved the smell of her Dove shampoo. Whenever Natalie took a show, Baloo would poke his head into the shower and sniff the shampoo or lay outside the doors. After a few years, Natalie got used to this but was surprised when Baloo threw her a little curveball.

One day, when Natalie was showering, Baloo came to check in on her, but he wasn’t alone. Baloo brought his mom a toy, hoping she would play while in the shower. He dropped this toy right outside the doors, and Natalie said his only goal was to play fetch. Wanting to get his toy out of the shower, making sure it wasn’t wet, Natalie did throw the toy. To Baloo’s surprise, his tricks worked, and he began to play.

Baloo not only managed to force Natalie to play fetch while in the shower but also figured out how to entertain himself when she was away. Natalie says that Baloo only tried this once so far, but she assumes he will continue this game whenever he is bored. Border collies tend to be very playful and creatures of habit, so Natalie now makes sure to close the shower doors!

Image Source: Natalie McAllister

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