Adorable Dog Pretends To Be Someone Else's Dog When It's Time To Leave Dog Park!

Adorable Dog Pretends To Be Someone Else's Dog When It's Time To Leave Dog Park!

Oso loves being in the park so much, that he invented a scheme that could allow him to stay there a little longer. Whenever his mom tries to tell him it’s time to leave, he just pretends that he is someone else’s dog.

Whenever Carolina tries to leave, Oso starts using every trick in the book to stop her. And his favorite trick is going over to other people and acting like he is their dog, instead of Carolina’s. And he isn’t exactly subtle about it.

He makes sure that he throws his mom accusatory glances, trying to make her feel bad for taking him away from the place he loves. But Carolina has gotten used to his shenanigans at this point. Rather than being upset or angry, she just has a laugh whenever this happens.

And lately, she has started to film him in action, so that she can always remember just how much of a silly dog he can be. Plus, who wouldn’t laugh seeing him doing yoga with people he had never met in his life.

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The best part is that most people that Oso adopts don’t even seem to mind. They just accept his presence and even take the time to give him pats and scratches. Ultimately, Oso, Carolina, and those random people at the park all know this is just a ruse.

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And it never lasts long. When he sees that his bluff isn’t working, he goes back home with his mom.

And, he knows that the next day, he will go back to the park, and he’ll get to try tricking his mom again.

Image Credit: Oso The Golden

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