Adorable Dog Who Lived A Nightmare Can't Stop Kissing His Foster Mom

Adorable Dog Who Lived A Nightmare Can't Stop Kissing His Foster Mom

When Legend was rescued from a brutal dog attack in Greenville, South Carolina and rushed to a Greenville County shelter, it was clear that the two-year-old pup would not survive if he didn’t get to a vet immediately.

Even when Rescue Dogs Rock NYC cofounder Jackie O’Sillivan arrived to take him under her wing and rush Legend to a vet, it was still not clear if he would make it. The pup’s face was so swollen he had to be fed through a tube, and he had lost both of his ears. He was on IV and in such a critical condition that he had to be moved to a 24-hour clinic.

Luckily, doctors were able to determine that the pup’s ear canals were still safe and healthy, and that only his ears had been torn off, but no hearing damage would occur. Eventually, slowly but surely, Legend began to recover. Jackie visited the pup daily, and soon, she became so attached to him that she decided to foster him once he was out of the hospital.

Once he moved in to Jackie’s home, Legend revealed himself to be extremely loving, constantly showering his foster mom with kisses and demanding to be hugged and pet. Even more amazingly, despite everything that had happened to him, Legend was not afraid of other dogs and even befriended a few during walks in the neighborhood. His appearance has earned him a bit of a celebrity status in Greenville!

As much as Jackie loves Legend, she wants to keep her home open to future fosters, so she won’t be adopting him herself. Instead, she hopes to find him a forever home where he will receive all the love he so desires. If you’d like to adopt Legend, you can contact Rescue Dogs Rock here.

Images & Feature Image Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

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