Adorable Dog Won't Let Go Of Reporter Until He Decides To Adopt Her!

Adorable Dog Won't Let Go Of Reporter Until He Decides To Adopt Her!

Dogs have a way of grasping our hearts without us even realizing it. Whether it is their beautiful brown eyes or adorable furry faces remains uncertain, but whatever it is, they often have our hearts at first sight.

Sometimes we find ourselves receiving the love we did not think we deserved by a dog, and it touches our hearts forever. This was the case for a reporter who visited an animal shelter in the quest to do a story about the place. In this story, the most unexpected happened. It was a usual day for this reporter.

He packed his bags and headed to the location for his next story. Today’s mission was to visit an animal shelter and get a few pictures. When he got to the shelter, he was greeted and let in. He made his way through the excited furry faces and prepared to take his shot. One of the dogs started approaching him, which is not unusual when visitors come around and the reporter was expecting to be asked for a rub by the dog.

However, this precious pooch came up to him and simply embraced the reporter. The dog did not beg, play, or want treats. All it was, was a moment of affection and kindness. After the incident, the reporter could not bear the thought of leaving the affectionate dog behind, especially because he felt the love and affection was so sincere.

The reporter ended up adopting this precious pooch, and the pictures are viral on the internet!

Feature Image Source: YouTube

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