This Adorable English Bulldog Is Fast Asleep, But Seconds Later He Does This!

This Adorable English Bulldog Is Fast Asleep, But Seconds Later He Does This!

This adorable English bulldog was fast asleep, no he really was! He had a rough day so he was probably really tired, so he went to sleep. Nothing usual there, but just seconds later, he starts doing this!

This adorable English bulldog was just 6-weeks old when this video was taken and as you can see, he’s peacefully sleeping, but just seconds later he starts barking! I remember the time when I brought my fur baby home, all of a sudden in the night while he was fast asleep, he started barking. I turned on the lights and saw that he was still asleep, but still barking.

Being a new pet parent, I was confused why this was happening and thought that maybe he was having nightmares. You know how it goes, right? As a pet mom, you feel worried for your little fur baby because although you want to help them, you just don’t know where to start. So I cuddled him and early morning called up my vet. The vet told us that this was normal and that pets too have dreams.

The barking occurs when they’re half asleep and about to fall into deep sleep, you know like that middle stage for humans when we’re sure we’re sleepy, but we know whats happening around us. So I asked him if it occurs again if I should wake him up and he discouraged me to do so because it can irritate and shock your pet. So when I saw this video, I understood clearly that this bulldog was probably having a happy dream and enjoying it!

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Source: Bulldog Puppy Barks In His Sleep! by PurebullyBulldogs on Rumble

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