Adorable English Bulldog Knows Exactly What Makes Bubbles!

Adorable English Bulldog Knows Exactly What Makes Bubbles!

Meet this super hyper and bubble loving English bulldog pup who was no where to be seen in the living room. Where did he go? To the bathroom of course, he’s gone to meet the bubble maker!

This adorable fur ball was in the bathroom because he knows exactly what he wants – bubbles and he knows exactly what would make them – the bubble bottle. so in he tries to go into the tub to retrieve his favorite bottle for mommy to make the bubbles! But popping bubbles, is it good for your fur ball?

According to Active Dog Toys, “Good thing all that bubble popping is actually good for dogs. All that chasing, jumping and chomping is great exercise – so encourage your dog to run after those bubbles and try to pop each and every last one of them! If you’re not the bubble-blowing type, that’s okay too. Luckily there are plenty of bubble blowers designed especially for dogs.” Well, looks like it’s not really a bad idea after all! Take a look at this video and don’t forget to share away, people!

Feature Image Source: Ann dog

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