Adorable German Shepherd And Cute Baby Are The Best Of Friends!

Adorable German Shepherd And Cute Baby Are The Best Of Friends!

We all know that babies need pets, so this is just another proof! The love that this German shepherd has for his baby brother is just too priceless to miss!

This video is so adorable, especially the first few seconds, it’s like the baby is telling his German shepherd pup that they’re going to be together forever and that he has nothing to worry about 🙂 This is yet another reason why babies need pets and why pets need a loving home. Those of you who think it’s unhealthy to have a fur baby near your baby, well this video will unfold the truth.

However, a word of advice, an adult has to keep a close eye on the babies who’re closely playing with their pets. Although we know nothing can go wrong, sometimes by accident, something may happen that would require an adult to be there to help 🙂

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Source: German Shepherd and baby are best friends by Jamon9 on Rumble

Feature Image Source: Rumble

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