Adorable German Shepherd Goes Nuts When He Sees The Broom!

Adorable German Shepherd Goes Nuts When He Sees The Broom!

Everyone meet this hilarious crazy German shepherd pup who decided that he was going show the broom what he’s made of if the broom makes fun of him again today…which it did! Take a look!

This adorable fur ball either does not like the broom, or likes it too much to play with it! What he doesn’t realize is that broom is not a living thing and no matter how many times he barks, it’s not going to make any difference to it! Talking about brooms, is there a way to stop our fur balls form chasing them too much?

According to ClickerPets, “Puppies are very curious and playful and can develop undesirable behaviors if not taught. One is chasing or mouthing brooms or mops. The key is to teach impulse control. Begin to lessen the rewards, giving your puppy a treat for every 2-3 times for being calm with the broom is moved. Continue to increase the movement until you can sweep or mop and your puppy doesn’t seem to care at all.” Now take a look at this fur ball on page 2 below!

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Feature Image Source: Noah Patterson

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