Adorable German Shepherd Plays In The Snow For The First Time!

Adorable German Shepherd Plays In The Snow For The First Time!

This adorable German shepherd is just 6 months old and today was the very first time he touched the snow! As soon as he felt the snow, he instantly knew that he loved it and wasn’t going to trade this for anything else!

This adorable German shepherd played in the snow for the first time and absolutely loved the experience! Not only did he start galloping like a horse, he even looked back to see his paw prints all over the snow sheet! Incredible isn’t it? Don’t you just love the expression on their faces when they play in the snow for the first time?! But safety first!

According to eHow, “Keep a thick coat on your German Shepherd. Do not shave or reduce the coat size of the German Shepherd during the winter months when snow fall occurs. A thicker coat will reduce the chances of the German Shepherd becoming hypothermic. Do not leave a German Shepherd unattended outside for a long during the winter.”

“When the German Shepherd comes inside from playing in the snow, thoroughly dry it off with a towel or hair dryer. Rubbing petroleum jelly on the dog’s paws also may help prevent cracking from the cold. Watch out for chemicals. When snow fall covers the ground, some people use salt or other chemicals to melt away the snow. Prevent the dog from ingesting these chemicals, and wipe off the dog’s feet after coming inside so he does not lick off the additives.” Now take a look at this fur ball on page 2 below!

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