Adorable Golden Retriever Learns To Use The Bell To Do THIS!

Adorable Golden Retriever Learns To Use The Bell To Do THIS!

Everyone meet Harry, an adorable golden retriever who has learned to use the bell and now that he knows how to use it, his parents know exactly what needs to be done! This is an awesome trick and here’s the tutorial!

Harry the golden retriever pup knows that whenever he wants to go out, all he needs to do is to ring the bell, like some kind of royalty! Yep as soon as he rings the bell his parents let him out! Awesome, right? But is this difficult to teach? No, not really!

According to DoggieBuddy, “This is an extremely useful trick, perfect for house training puppies. The attractiveness of using a bell to let you know when your dog needs to go out is that you can hear it all over the house. Puppies don’t have enough experience to come get you to take them out. In fact, the most common sign is spinning around. More often than not, you aren’t around to see! Using a bell, you’ll be able to hear every single time your dog needs some time outside.”

Step 1: Use a training stick to target the bell.
Step 2: When he touches the bell, click and treat.
Step 3: When he touches the bell on his own, click and jackpot.
Step 4: Whenever you take him outside, have him touch the bell first. The reward is to open the door.
Step 5: our canine will, in a few days, learn that the door opens when he rings the bell.

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Feature Image Source: YouTube

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