Adorable Golden Retriever Pups Show Off Their Swimming Skills!

Adorable Golden Retriever Pups Show Off Their Swimming Skills!

These two adorable golden retriever pups are having the time of their lives swimming with their dad in the lake! Yep not only are they enjoying their time, they’re also, sort of, showing off their swimming skills to the world!

If you’re a golden retriever parent, you already know that your fur balls absolutely love swimming! Everyone in the world knows that golden retrievers were born to swim, even they know it so why not show off? Yeah, I mean, look at these two fur balls, how can you not flaunt your skill if you swim like a pro?! But safety first 🙂

According to WebVet, “Other than the blue-green algae, ponds and lakes can be good places for dogs to swim because they don’t have tides or currents, but owners should watch the water carefully, no matter how clean it looks. For example, many parks, golf courses or subdivisions that have lakes or ponds treat them with chemicals to prevent algae. The chemicals can cause skin irritation. “Chemicals,” Robert Poppenga, DVM, PhD, of the California Animal Health and Food Safety Toxicology Laboratory at the University of California School of Veterinary Medicine, Davis. said, “can cause liver damage, and in some cases, neurologic damage. If you suspect something along these lines, take the animal to a vet immediately.”

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swim with dad :-)

Feature Image Source: Flickr

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