Adorable K-9 Pup Hangs Out With Actor Tom Hardy At L.A. Premiere For Venom!

Adorable K-9 Pup Hangs Out With Actor Tom Hardy At L.A. Premiere For Venom!

We usually think of red carpet events as pretty formal occasions, designed for only the fanciest celebrities and finest couture. Besides, it’s quite a busy environment, with tons of interviews, fans asking for autographs, and photographers with their cameras at the ready!

But that doesn’t mean one can’t enjoy a little furry friend while you’re there! In fact, K9 officers are often placed at various red carpet premieres to sniff out potential bomb threats. This is exactly what happened during latest Marvel movie Venom’s Los Angeles premiere.

For the most part, people aren’t encouraged to interact with on-duty K9 pups, or any other working dogs. But Tom Hardy, the star of the movie, couldn’t help wanting to say hello to Stark, the adorable K9 pooch!

So Hardy walked up to Stark’s handler and asked if he could pet the pup, and the handler said okay! Stark definitely seemed to like the interaction. He certainly enjoyed getting a bit of a break from work, and maybe he was able to sense that Hardy is a huge dog-lover!

The actor once brought his pup Woodstock, nicknamed Woody, to a red carpet premiere for his movie Legend. The pup was a stray he and fellow actress Jessica Chastain ran into while they were in Georgia filming the movie Lawless. Sadly, Woody passed onto the Rainbow Bridge in 2017.

Hardy has also put in work with a variety of animal welfare groups. He promotes animal abuse and animal rescue awareness and has even used his social media accounts to help abandoned puppies find new forever families! The fact that he took time out to praise a good K9 officer doing a wonderful job is just a testament to his love for dogs!

Images & Feature Image Source: k9_stark / Instagram

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