Adorable Kitten Plays Lion Tamer With Golden Retriever!

Adorable Kitten Plays Lion Tamer With Golden Retriever!

Isn’t this adorable? This little kitten is having a cuddle session with his Golden retriever buddy, but it doesn’t end there! Yes, they’re totally different, and yes according to some cartoons they should me mortal enemies, but instead they love each other and this little lion-taming game they like to play!

While the Golden retriever is resting on the floor, the kitten is all over him! The little grey kitten pretends he’s a lion tamer, opening the golden retriever’s mouth, and daring to stick his whole head inside! He knows that he can trust his golden buddy.

But eventually, they decided it’s a better idea to move from playing to cuddling, and maybe few minutes later taking a nap together!

These two are just a couple of love bugs with all these adorable cuddling moves!

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Watch the video below to see the Golden and the kitten cuddling!

Feature Image Source: DailyPicksandFlicks

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