Labrador Dog Covers Sleeping Baby With Blanket!

Labrador Dog Covers Sleeping Baby With Blanket!

There is nothing like growing up with a good dog. This yellow lab shows us exactly what being a good dog sibling looks like and the results are just heartwarming!

Watch as this Labrador dog covers the sleeping baby with a blanket! The heartwarming video shows a baby fast asleep face down on a blanket on the couch and when the lab sees this, what does he do?

When the thoughtful Labrador notices that the infant no longer has the blanket wrapped around him, the dog takes it upon himself to cover the child! He nudges the blanket over the baby to ensure the tiny human stays warm and safe.

He will be this tiny baby’s protector for life, that’s for sure.

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Watch the video below to see the Lab covering his human friend with a blanket!

Feature Image Source: baywatch106ify

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