Adorable Labrador Teaches Doberman How To Swim! #ProfessionalSwimmer!

Adorable Labrador Teaches Doberman How To Swim! #ProfessionalSwimmer!

This adorable Labrador just turned into a swimming teacher! Look how he patiently shows the doberman how to swim!

This yellow lab is clearly an old pro at swimming. He paddles around with ease, holding his beloved tennis ball in his mouth all the while. However, his friend, the Doberman Pinscher is not quite as experienced at swimming.

As the yellow lab paddles around the water, the dobie instead adopts a hopping technique where he just tries to jump straight out of the water to the next point where he wants to go. They both get where they way to go, so who are we to judge? This sweet lab seems to be trying to share the doggie paddle technique though to make things a bit easier on his friend but it’s just not working.

Either way, they’re both having a lot of fun!

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Source: Doberman learns to swim by jennag812 on Rumble

Feature Image Source: Rumble

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