Adorable Labrador Wants To Swim, But Won't Until THIS Happens!

Adorable Labrador Wants To Swim, But Won't Until THIS Happens!

Everyone meet Angus, an adorable Labrador pup who wants to swim, but he isn’t going to make the first move until THIS happens and when it does, he doesn’t hesitate to plunge! Can you guess why he’s waiting?

The fur ball was waiting for his daddy to jump first, that’s why! Yep why should he be the first one to test the waters? What if it’s too cold or too hot?! Yep daddy goes in first and then he makes his grand entry 🙂 Talking about swimming, is is good for your fur ball?

According to Vividlife, “Swimming is not only fun for your dog…but it also does great things for him. The resistance of water makes your dog work harder to swim than he has to work on land to walk or run. He will show improved muscular strength and tone, while working the cardio-vascular and respiratory systems, without the impact of concussive exercise on land and the associated damage that it may cause.”

“It may surprise you to know that for a dog, 1 minutes’ swimming is equivalent to about 4 minutes of running, according to Dr Arleigh Reynolds, a Veterinary Surgeon and Canine Physiologist. In healthy dogs, swimming should be used in conjunction with other exercise on land to ensure the dogs’ bones are kept strong by sustaining good bone density.”

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Feature Image Source: Flickr

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