This Adorable Pup Can't Wait To Ride With Daddy!

This Adorable Pup Can't Wait To Ride With Daddy!

What is it about a car ride that makes pups so happy? Maybe it’s the sensation of fast movement, or the sight of the world rushing by them, or the wind in their fur as they stick their heads out of the window.

Whatever it is, Kobe the German shepherd loves it! Unfortunately, it looks like this pup isn’t going to get to go for a ride right now like he thought he would, because Daddy has to run some errands with it first. The fur ball is so disappointed by this turn of events that he starts to whine and complain, giving Daddy his best puppy eyes to convince him to bring him along anyway. Poor pup!

Daddy manages to soothe and console the pup by promising him a ride as soon as he’s done with his work. Cheer up, Kobe! You’ll get what you want soon enough! Do like and share away!

Feature Image Source: H Jones

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