Adorable Pup Falls Head Over Heels For A... Rock?!

Adorable Pup Falls Head Over Heels For A... Rock?!

This German shepherd pup was out playing in the river when she discovered something she immediately fell in love with: a rock!

For some strange reason, this particular small rock became her favorite new toy and she immediately wanted to keep it for herself. But then, as she played enthusiastically with it, she accidentally dropped it back into the river – and now she won’t leave till she finds it again!

The pup uses her paws to feel out the base of the river, sticking her head in every now and then to try and find the nondescript item in the murky depths of the water beneath. It takes her quite a long time, but she finally manages to locate it. There’s just one problem – as soon as she picks it up, she accidentally drops it again, much to her Mom’s exasperation! Oh well, I guess you’ll have to pick a new rock to befriend, pup!

Feature Image Source: ellabella

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