Adorable Pup Gets Super Excited When His Sibling Returns Home From School!

Adorable Pup Gets Super Excited When His Sibling Returns Home From School!

All children are excited when they come home from school and finally get to spend some time playing and relaxing after a long day of work and learning. But for Henrique Muraro, who is six years old, there’s something additional that makes his arrival back home even sweeter.

Henrique, who is from Brazil, faces mobility problems and sometimes requires the help of a wheelchair. In order to encourage him to move around more and develop more refined motor skills, Henrique’s doctor recommended, just last year, that the family get a dog for the boy. It took a few “interviews” with different dogs, and it seemed like no pup was the right fit.

But then Pipo came along! Brought to their home by the cousin of Henrique’s father, it wasn’t long before the pup and Henrique were playing and hitting it off. They were instant friends, and it was a match made in heaven. The two have been virtually inseparable since then, and they spend all their time together.

Of course, when Henrique goes to school, he has to be away from Pipo. But after seeing Mom send Henrique to the bus every day for school and watching him come off the bus hours later, Pipo began to realize that the bus brings his best friend home daily, and so now, whenever he sees the bus, he leaps up and starts to run beside it!

Now, every day without fail, Pipo comes out to run alongside the bus as it pulls over to let Henrique off. It’s the best greeting one could ever hope to receive! Despite not being a service dog with professional training, Pipo has encouraged Henrique, allowed him to develop motor skills, and made him so much happier overall. And that, my friends, is the magic of a dog!

Images & Feature Image Source: Rodrigo Muraro

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