Adorable Pup Hugs The Vet Because He Thinks She's There For Hugs!

Adorable Pup Hugs The Vet Because He Thinks She's There For Hugs!

Many of the animals who Kayleen Campbell sees are terrified, nervous, or depressed. As a certified veterinary technician who works at a 24-hour community emergency animal hospital, she has seen her fair share of vulnerable animals.

Despite all the difficulties she encounters, Campbell loves her job and the animals she meets, and she tries to find joy everywhere she goes. On one such occasion, at a particularly busy day at the hospital, the most adorable incident happened – and, when it was shared on Facebook, it went viral.

Campbell needed to draw blood from a small pug pup aged around 13 years old. In usual procedure, this would be done by holding the pup’s jugular vein as the blood is drawn, as this is an easy way to do the job quickly and without damaging any front leg veins. The veins in the front legs often need to be fitted with IVs, after all.

So this is what Campbell started to do – she went in to hold off the vein in question. But the precious, sweet pug pup thought that Campbell was just going in for a hug and snuggled right up to her! She leaned into Campbell, making it difficult for the draw to be done, and also demanding more attention and cuddles.

According to Campbell, this is one of the many reasons she loves her job. More importantly, this isn’t something that often happens when blood draws are taken. Most pups don’t want to stay still for that long, especially because of how overwhelming the environment can be.

Of course, Campbell is always happy to give any animals who are in need of attention all the cuddles they want. She and her colleagues keep a respectful distance from those that want to be left alone and shower excited animals with love.

Best of all, she gets to make these animals get better – and that’s the most rewarding part of her job.

Images & Feature Image Source: Kayleen Campbell

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