Adorable Pup Interrupts Soccer Match So He Can Demand Pets From All Players!

Adorable Pup Interrupts Soccer Match So He Can Demand Pets From All Players!

During a game of soccer, the rules about hand contact are pretty strict. You’re not allowed to touch the ball or other players with your hands at all. But then again, all rules can be broken, aren’t they?

At a soccer match in Argentina on Sunday, the clock was ticking down the final minutes of the game. It was a fierce battle between Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata and Unión de Santa Fe, but in the midst of this match, a spot of fur suddenly walked onto the middle of the field.

This spot of fur turned out to be none other than Roberto, a very friendly and playful pup. He was striding confidently right into the middle of the match, then stopping somewhere near the center to drop to the ground for a nice roll in the freshly cut grass.

Before long, the football players had all stopped in their game to run over to Roberto. The pup suddenly found himself surrounded by happy people all waiting to give him pets. It’s definitely safe to say that he was only too happy to oblige!

Unfortunately, Roberto had to be brought back off the field so the game could carry on, but he definitely seemed pretty proud of himself! What’s more, Unión de Santa Fe, Roberto’s home team, won that evening! Maybe the pup was their good luck charm.

As it turns out, Roberto is the team dog for Unión de Santa Fe, and a spokesperson for the football team says that all the members actually care for him as if he were their own. Too cute! It’s safe to say that Roberto did his duty for his team that night!

Feature Image Source: Facebook/Fox Sports Latinoamerica

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