This Adorable Pup Is Learning How To Speak English!

This Adorable Pup Is Learning How To Speak English!

Having a vocal pup means that there’s rarely a boring – or quiet – moment in the house! Elvis the bulldog is one such vocal fur ball, but it seems that Mommy has found a way to put his natural talent of chatter to use.

How, exactly? Well, she’s teaching him to speak English! Wait, what?! That’s right, this fur ball is on his way to becoming a fluent speaker! He’s already learned how to say the word “mom”, and it’s very spot on! So cute! In his low, growling voice, he’s able to make the right sounds to say the three words that he’s been taught. What a smart pup! Good boy, Elvis!

Believe it or not, the third word that this fur ball’s learned isn’t an accurate English word – it’s “redrum”, which is a keen reference to a horror movie that you probably know very well! It could be creepy, but for this fur ball, it’s nothing but adorable. Don’t forget to like and share!

Feature Image Source: Khaleesi12

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