Adorable Pup Steals Dad's Truck, Goes For A Joyride And Causes An Accident!

Adorable Pup Steals Dad's Truck, Goes For A Joyride And Causes An Accident!

Paul Shearn lives in Kentucky with his awesome 13-year-old pup Elvis. When they headed out on a road trip to go to the farm of Shearn’s grandparents, he rode in the front seat, excited.

Shearn dropped by a grocery store for a little while and needed to leave Elvis in the car. So he left the engine on and the AC blasting, told Elvis to chill out and relax for a while, and went out. He had no idea what would happen next!

Soon, Shearn walked back towards the car and noticed something out of place. A police car had stopped in front of his truck, which was now much further away than he’d left it and had also crashed directly into an innocent parked car.

And who should be sitting in the driver’s seat but Elvis himself? Shearn was very confused, by the officer explained that the pup had likely somehow managed to get the truck’s gear into drive.

That’s when Shearn realized that he’d left a bag of fat on the dashboard, originally brought along for seasoning for his grandparents’ skillet. Elvis had decided to try and get a good taste of the delicious treat while his Dad wasn’t paying attention. Naughty pup!

Thankfully, no one was angry at Elvis, and even the owner of the car that had been crashed into was joining in on all the laughter. Shearn has insurance that can cover those damages, and this minor accident served as one that caused a bit of joy in these people’s lives!

And of course, Elvis doesn’t feel bad at all – he’s just glad everyone’s laughing.

Images & Feature Image Source: Paul Shearn

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