Adorable Pup With Cleft Palate Who Lived A Rough Life Finds His Forever Loving Home

Adorable Pup With Cleft Palate Who Lived A Rough Life Finds His Forever Loving Home

A cleft palate can affect a pup’s entire life, requiring them to need treatment and proper care in order to live a good life. So when Clefford’s family wound up homeless, they had no choice but to make the heartbreaking decision to surrender him to the Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston.

Soon, Clefford was placed with MSPCA-Angell, where he was put up for adoption. Although he had a rough life, needing to eat special meals so that he wouldn’t get injured, he remained a complete sweetheart with such a positive energy that staff and volunteers fell in love with him – and it’s through this that he met his new Dad!

The moment Will Stoltenberg, who had been a volunteer with MSPCA-Angell for about a year, saw Clefford, he wanted to spend loads of time with him. It wasn’t long before he realized he wanted to give the pup a forever home – with him! Stoltenberg did all the paperwork and brought the pup home.

Clefford, however, had been through a lot and that caused him to be frightened of most things. He was terrified of vehicles, other dogs, skateboards, runners, and virtually most things. Stoltenberg had to work hard in order to show Clefford that these things were not to fear. It was a long process – but it was well worth it.

Now, Clefford has lived with his Dad for more than a year. He’s completely transformed in personality and loves saying hello to everyone he meets, and he especially enjoys walks – even when those walks involve loud noises and other potentially scary things!

Clefford has also undergone four surgeries and taken lots of rest, and this has changed his cleft palate significantly, reducing it to a small hole in his mouth roof.

His cute twisted nose and constantly on-display teeth still make him stand out from other pups, but he doesn’t mind, and anyone who spends enough time with him knows he is loving, playful, and friendly!

Images & Feature Image Source: Will Stoltenberg

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