Adorable Puppy Destroys Couch Worth $3,000, But His Expressions Are Epic!

Adorable Puppy Destroys Couch Worth $3,000, But His Expressions Are Epic!

Imagine you have saved every penny for months, just to be able to purchase that long-awaited, awfully expensive couch that is going to be an ideal match for your living room.

You’ve been visualizing the perfect picture for absolute ages and finally, the day dawns when you’re able to bring it home. It may be expensive you tell yourself, but the satisfaction of seeing it in its pride and glory is simply priceless! Imagine then, you arrive home one day after an outing, to find that treasured couch in tatters! This is exactly what happened to Kelly Davidson of the UK and the culprit was her gorgeous American bulldog pup, Blaze.

Not only is he incredibly beautiful but he has soulful puppy eyes framed by unusual eyebrows. Kelly walked into her living room to find a scene of utter devastation. Pieces of foam lay scattered on the carpet and large holes had been torn in the cushions. Her pricey couch was but a memory! However, faced with this package of cuteness Kelly found herself totally unable to get cross with him.

According to Kelly, Blaze is a very loving dog, full of irrepressible energy and the need to destroy things is simply an expression of his character. She would never even consider getting rid of him as he is simply irreplaceable. Blaze is the offspring of the family’s American Bulldog, Bella, who had nine puppies last year.

Charming the family with his unusual eyebrows that lent him additional cuteness, Blaze was chosen as the new family member and has proceeded to use his expressive eyes to get out of many a predicament!

Feature Image Source: Facebook

Images Source: Facebook

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