Adorable Puppy Interrupts Live TV News Segment And Wins Everyone's Hearts!

Adorable Puppy Interrupts Live TV News Segment And Wins Everyone's Hearts!

For those watching Washington, DC’s weather report the other day, got a lovely surprise when a friendly little puppy decided to steal the spotlight.

Fox 5’s weather reporter Bob Barnard was reporting on some icy conditions that were happening in Northern Virginia when he was approached by the cutest little fan. He was five minutes into his report when, out of nowhere, a puppy came rushing towards him with his tail wagging. Bob stopped what he was doing instantly and reached down to give the puppy some love. He turned his full attention to the dog, and said: “Forget the people we talked to earlier, I want to get to know this dog!”

All was recorded on film, and in fact, was being broadcasted live, showing the love that these two showed for each other. Bob picked up the puppy and received many kisses. He continued on with his broadcast, all while holding this happy pup. A few minutes later, after continuing to deliver the news, the puppy’s owner ran towards them. She was laughing and had a smile on her face upon seeing Bob carrying her dog on live TV. She said that her puppy had gotten out of the gate in their yard and apologized for interrupting the broadcast.

She was assured that her puppy’s appearance was the highlight of many viewers’ days! Bob handed her back her puppy and continued with his segment, all smiles. Viewers did in fact love seeing this cute little visitor on screen, and made everyone’s day a little brighter, even with the crummy weather.

Image Source: Fox 5

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