Adorable Pups Who Were Having A Sleepover, Fall Asleep In A Way You Won't Forget!

Adorable Pups Who Were Having A Sleepover, Fall Asleep In A Way You Won't Forget!

When Penny and Banjo the golden retrievers first met while taking a trip around town with their parents, the two dogs fell in love immediately. Before anyone knew it, they were best friends, and they wanted to spend loads of time together!

To help them see each other more regularly, the parents of both pups signed them up for the same doggy daycare center. This meant the two could be with each other 8 hours daily, 5 days a week!

But then, Penny’s family moved away. Though they still live relatively close – just half an hour away – the two could no longer see each other daily. The good news is, they still meet up fairly often!

They go to the dog park or beach, dive into swimming pools, and have play dates together! The two pups are always overjoyed to meet again.

Just a short while ago, Penny’s family was going to be going out of town. The week after, Banjo’s family planned to do the same. That’s how this awesome extended sleepover plan came to be! It was decided that Penny would stay at Banjo’s house for one week, and then Banjo would head over to Penny’s for the next week.

The two pups were clearly over the moon to be in such close quarters for such a long stretch of time. Then, one night, when they went to sleep, they ended up dozing off in the most adorable position possible – a sort-of heart shape, paws touching: proof of their love for each other.

Penny and Banjo spent the whole two weeks playing and cuddling, and it’s clear they’re comfortable around each other and share a very special bond.

Even though it’ll be a while since their next extended sleepover, distance can never keep them apart!

Images & Feature Image Source: Marisa Folz

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