Adorable Rescue Pup Won't Let Go Of His Dad's Hand! This Is Too Cute!

Adorable Rescue Pup Won't Let Go Of His Dad's Hand! This Is Too Cute!

Stanley is bully pup who was adopted by his Dad, Sam Clarence, almost two years ago, from a breed-specific rescue located in Christchurch in New Zealand.

Clarence first met Stanley when he was dog walking as a volunteer for the shelter, and at the time, Stanley was just 6 months old. Clarence was asked to foster the pup for a while, but he knew the minute he met the pup that he was going to keep him. But Stanley wasn’t quite as convinced. He was very frightened and nervous and wouldn’t even come out of Clarence’s car for an hour. When he finally gathered the courage to do so, Clarence made sure he was rewarded with food, a nice bath, and a comfortable bed.

A former stray, life in a home was tough for the pup to adjust to. But as time went on, he and Clarence bonded, and soon Stanley became what his Dad refers to as a “velcro dog!”

A year and a half ago, Sam Clarence adopted Stanley from a bully breed rescue in Christchurch, New Zealand, and has since watched the frightened stray pup transform into what could be called a “Velcro dog.” He started making sure to always have his paw on his Dad’s back when they slept, and he never wanted to be apart from his Dad.

Stanley’s gotten very good at being a proper pup now, but he hasn’t grown out of his need for physical contact – and he likely never will! He refuses to stop holding his Dad’s hand and is quite forceful in his demands that they always are touching. He’ll have his paws flying all over the place until his Dad agrees and complies with his wants!

Stanley has very much come out of his shell now. He enjoys being outdoors and loves any body of water, and he’s got a big personality. Plus, he has his Dad by his side – there’s nothing he wants more than that!

Images & Feature Image Source: Sam Clarence

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