Adorable Shelter Dog Gets Passed Over Because Of His Size

Adorable Shelter Dog Gets Passed Over Because Of His Size

The Montgomery County Animal Services took Rudy three years ago as a stray. He was adopted but later became a stray again and was taken back to the shelter. Since then, getting someone to adopt him again has been unsuccessful.

Suzanne Hollifield, the foster coordinator at Montgomery County Animal Services, said that people were reluctant to adopt Rudy because he was a big dog. Some gave similar excuses like “He’s too old” and “He sheds a lot.”

Rudy is a 6-year-old dog with an adorable personality. His favorite activities include taking walks, car rides, and playing with other dogs. He is a big happy puppy waiting for the right family to share some love with.

Rudy is enjoying each day at the shelter as best as possible. However, because he’s big, there is not enough room for him to run around, so the shelter is still hoping someone will adopt him.

According to Hollifield, the best home for Rudy would be one that has a fenced yard. Also, potential dog parents should enjoy walking their dogs. Rudy may be a big dog, but that also makes him a great dog to adopt.

His bigness means there’s more to cuddle, and being a bit older means he wouldn’t have difficulty fitting into a new home. Certainly, the right family for Rudy is out there, and it’s only a matter of time before they come along to love every fluffy inch of him.

UPDATE: He’s adopted!

Image Credit: Montgomery County Animal Services

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