Adorable Shelter Dog Is Looking For His Forever Loving Home For 1,068 Days - Can You Help?

Imagine waiting years, not hours, days, or months, but years in a kennel alone, longing for the love and care you used to receive most of your life before you got too old or too “much”.

Sadly, this is the case for poor Lucky. This sweet old big boy is a large Pitty dog who’s elderly owner decided that Lucky was getting too strong for him and so dropped him off at the shelter. I can almost hear some people saying that at least he didn’t abandon poor Lucky on the streets and at least called a shelter. I disagree. Getting a furry companion is a LIFE-LONG commitment. If one can’t commit until one’s potential dog’s last breath, then maybe you shouldn’t get a four-legged friend of any kind.

Luckily, Lucky has been taken good care of at his shelter. He is described as being very intelligent, good-natured and strong, he is also blind in one eye (which honestly just makes him more handsome) and loves to cuddle and show you how much you really want to rub his tum-tum for him. Lucky is a curious dog who takes a while to warm up to strangers, but wouldn’t you be too if you were in his paws? Lucky has been at the shelter for 1,068 days (unbelievable, I know), and as more time passes his caretakers say that this poor baby has been losing hope.

If anyone is able and willing to adopt Lucky, please call Del Norte Animal Control at (707) 464 7235 or at least share his story far and wide.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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