Adorable Stray Pup Follows Bus Until Driver Stops To Give Her A Ride! Check This Out!

Adorable Stray Pup Follows Bus Until Driver Stops To Give Her A Ride! Check This Out!

Jaypee Barcelinia was a little unsure about a certain stray pup attempting to hop onto a jeepney (a small bus) driving through Quezon City, Philippines. Then he saw just how badly the dog wanted to get a ride, and he couldn’t help feeling for her!

The pup waited for the jeepney at a certain stop, then began to chase it as it drove off. The driver was adamant about keeping the pup off, but that didn’t deter her. She continually hurried alongside the public transport vehicle.

Whenever she got the chance and the jeepney slowed down enough, she would prop herself up on its bottom steps. But then it would drive off again, and she’d be left to try and keep up!

This happened a total of six times before the jeepney driver began to feel a little sorry for her. His heart clearly softened as he saw how tired she was getting from chasing the jeepney. So he decided to allow her up, and he brought the vehicle to a standstill and waited for the dog to get on. But instead of jumping in, she waited patiently, as though asking for permission from the driver!

The driver gave her the green light, and the pup happily hopped on. She lay down in the jeepney and took a nap, safe from the sun’s sweltering rays. She was clearly very happy to have made it!

The ride eventually came to an end – but this pup didn’t want to go. As such, the driver yielded and decided to keep her and care for her. Basically, she chased this jeepney until the driver adopted her!

What a persistent pup. It’s safe to say that her determination paid off!

Images & Feature Image Source: Newsflare

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