Sweet Beagle Makes Friends With A DEER!

Sweet Beagle Makes Friends With A DEER!

Beagles were originally bred as hunting dogs, but they can also get along with wild animals if given the opportunity. Don’t believe me?

This beagle on the next page has had a chance encounter with a deer and from the way they interact, you would think the deer was just a giant dog! The two wrestle, play, and the beagle even rolls over to show the deer some belly. It seems like they could be entertained playing with each other all day long! Neither one seems to think it’s unusual either. The beagle is just like “Hey mom, I found a big dog. I’m gonna play with her for a bit…” and the deer is all about it!

Continue on to page 2 below to see the video for yourself. The beagle is just having a good time with a deer with no hunting intentions at all. Both the beagle and the deer are curious about each other!

Page 2 Here!

Watch the video below to see the beagle playing with the deer!

Feature Image Source: Stephen Ronald

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