Adorable Video! Dachshund Puppies Take Over The Kitchen!

Adorable Video! Dachshund Puppies Take Over The Kitchen!

What happens when a pack of doxies meet up and decide to take over the kitchen? Plenty of play and quite a bit of a mess, that’s what! In this video, the cuties are all having so much fun and they would just love it if you would come over and watch them get up to mischief.

The puppies from the Dachshund Dude Ranch are back and they are eager to start playing. Whether it’s with their blankets or toys or with each other, these pups simply can’t contain themselves when it comes to playing and they’re ready to show off their moves for us. We could watch them all day long.

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The cuties could come play in my kitchen any day. They are super adorable and did anybody say dream kitchen? Wherever these guys are is my dream kitchen 🙂

Watch the video below to see the dachshund puppies playing!

Feature Image Source: Molly Williams

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