Adorable Video! Tiny Labrador Puppy Boxes With Human!

Adorable Video! Tiny Labrador Puppy Boxes With Human!

This is Zoe and she is one gutsy puppy! Zoe is lying on the bed when her human teases her into a game of boxing.

Her human gently play “punches” the pup – and the feisty pup gets even! Zoe “punches” back – pawing and trying to bite her person’s fists. You can see her wind up with that hind leg too, she’s pretty good at bopping back and blocking some of her human’s moves. She’s taking this very seriously and who knows, if she keeps this up, maybe she’ll be the first boxing dog when she grows up!

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Zoe just seems to be having such a great time and she’s committed to the sport. She’s going to keep winding up with that little left hind leg of hers and she’s not going to let her human win easily. She’s in it to win it!

Watch the video below to see the cute Labrador puppy boxing with her human!

Feature Image Source: rajan puri

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