After Adopting A Lonely Lamb Family's Dog Decides To Be His New Mommy!

After Adopting A Lonely Lamb Family's Dog Decides To Be His New Mommy!

Jerry the lamb was born the runt of his litter. His mother abandoned him in favor of his healthier brothers and sisters, and the farmer who owned Jerry didn’t think he was worth bottle feeding.

Luckily, Megan Mostacci and her husband, who run the Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary, were there to help. They took him in to live on the sanctuary, but they soon discovered that his small size came with a host of problems.

Little Jerry had a septic infection that affected all his joints, as well as a respiratory infection. When he was sick and recovering between vet trips, Jerry was doted on by two loving, kind dogs – Drake the retriever and Lincoln the shepherd. They loved to cuddle with him and clean him and spent lots of time with him.

As Jerry got better, the little lamb was able to go outside and meet the other animals at the sanctuary. While he was interested in goats and pigs and was very polite with them, it seemed obvious that he had already chosen his new parent – Drake, one of the pups who cared for him when he was sick.

Jerry loved to lie down on top of Drake and cuddle with him, and of course, he also spent some time cuddling with Lincoln, too. Lambs often lie down on top of their mothers, and it seemed that Jerry had decided Drake would fill that roll.

Seeing Jerry with the dogs made other residents of the sanctuary, especially baby animals, begin to spend time cuddling with them too, and now there are plenty more hugs and nap buddies to go around!

Sadly, Jerry suddenly passed away after developing bloat one day after a morning of playing. Though he was not at the sanctuary long, his sweet, loving personality made an impact on all who lived there. Rest in peace, little one!

Images & Feature Image Source: Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary

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