After Being Lost, She Rings The Doorbell To let Mom Know She’s Home

After Being Lost, She Rings The Doorbell To let Mom Know She’s Home

Did you know that pets go missing every Fourth of July? This happens because they get frightened by fireworks and try to move away from them.

Oftentimes, these dogs are returned home, and it may take a few days or even weeks before missing dogs are reunited with their families.

Rajah was one dog that was scared of fireworks and thunderstorms. She gets scared easily by loud noises, and her mom suspects she might have been traumatized before she was rescued. Rajah is a sensitive dog, and she prefers snuggling up with her mom and getting comfortable, chasing animals in the backyard, or sunning on the deck. She’s not a big fan of excitement.

On the 27th of July, Rajah was playing in the yard. The sound of the fireworks set off by her neighbors startled her so much that she climbed over the fence and fled. Her mom went outside to check on her right away because she knew how she would react. Even worse, they were new to the neighborhood and we’re sure that Rajah knew her way around and could find her way home.

The family spent hours searching for Rajah. They even enlisted the help of others. Time was ticking, and they knew Rajah was somewhere scared and alone. They called off the search at 1 am, then planned to call the local shelters in the morning. The family also posted missing posts on social media and lost pet websites. All they could do now was wait.

In an unexpected twist, the doorbell rang at 3 am. It was Rajah scratching at the door and pressing the buzzer. The family was overjoyed since it had been over seven hours since she was missing and they were deeply worried.

Rajah was covered in dirt, poop, and thorns as if she was on an epic adventure. They cleaned her off and took her to bed. The family’s advice to other dog parents is to make sure their pets are safe and sound inside during these times of the year.

Images Source: Mary Lynn Whitacre / Ryan Washick

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