After School Prom Gets Cancelled, Teen And Dog Hold Their Own Prom!

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has certainly changed our lives in numerous ways. Many of us worldwide have been placed under lockdown, restricting our daily activities.

Universities, Technicon’s, and schools have been canceled for months on end. Although some of our colleges and schools have reopened, most planned functions and gatherings have been canceled in a bid to curb the spread of the virus. These events include meetings, sports matches, and many dances too.

It has been rather disappointing for many scholars, as those in their final years will miss out on fun events they have eagerly been waiting for. Over in Texas, however, there is one scholar determined not to let all his planning efforts go to waste! Josh Roberts goes to a high school in Texas.

Unfortunately, the outbreak of the coronavirus has resulted in his prom being canceled. This did not stop Josh from giving the event the glamour it deserves. Instead of taking his date to the canceled prom, Josh decided to host his own unofficial prom at home. Who better a date than his golden girl Reba?

Reba has been Josh’s childhood canine companion for over ten years! Josh’s little sister agreed to use one of her old dresses to glam Reba up.

With the two of them ready for the spotlight, Josh’s aunt agreed to be the photographer and took fantastic photos!

Josh’s girlfriend of six months was also there, but she was more than happy to let Reba have her moment.

Afterall, our four-legged family members are always by our side!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Josh Roberts

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