Aga The German Shepherd Loves A Clean Floor For A Reason! #CheekyPup!

Aga The German Shepherd Loves A Clean Floor For A Reason! #CheekyPup!

This German Shepherd Dog wants her floor to be clean, but do you know why? She has a very good reason for wanting cleaner floors!

This is Aga, a German Shepherd Dog pup who absolutely loves a clean floor, but it’s not just because she’s a neat freak. She loves vinegar! Yep, this little pup loves the smell and taste of vinegar so she loves it when her person cleans the floor with a little bit of vinegar so she can just bask in the glory of vinegar-land!

When vinegar is diluted in water and used as cleaning product, it usually isn’t bad for your furry children, but always be responsible and read the label and make sure you follow the recommendations.

Now take a look at what this German shepherd pup does when she smells vinegar! Don’t forget to Like and Share this super adorable vinegar-loving shepherd with your friends!

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