Andy The Golden Retriever Falls Asleep In A Hilarious Way! #SoCute!

Andy The Golden Retriever Falls Asleep In A Hilarious Way! #SoCute!

Introducing Andy, a very tired Andy…a very sleepy and tired Andy! This adorable and super cute golden retriever pup is about to fall asleep very hilariously!

Andy is a five week old golden retriever pup who’s just had his lunch and is about to drink some water, but what’s this feeling? He put one paw in his water bowl and the feeling was superb.

So he decided to pup another one in there, it’s just immeasurable! That feeling, thought the golden retriever, “what’s that feeling? It’s literally gluing my eyes together”

Oh well, thought the fur kid, let’s just go with the flow! So here in this video you’ll see him dozing off to sleep in his water bowl and it’s as adorable as anything!

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Take a look at Andy and his struggle of being awake! It’s just not going to happen sleep! Take a look and don’t forget to Like and Share this adorable little post with your friends!

Feature Image Source: reese probe

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