Are Pickles Healthy For Dogs?

Are Pickles Healthy For Dogs?

Pickles might be tasty and delicious for you, and make a great condiment for many dishes, but should you oblige your dog when he’s begging for a bite?

Well, it depends, but you should avoid feeding your dog human food as much as possible. While the raw ingredients, cucumbers, and dill, are okay, pickles contain different herbs and spices that may be toxic for dogs. Furthermore, they are rich in sodium and could be bad for dogs with certain health conditions.

Here’s what you need to know:

Dangers of Pickles

Some pickles are okay for your dogs, like plain dill pickles, however, pickles such as kosher dill pickles and bread and butter pickles include spices and herbs such as garlic which are toxic to dogs. And, even if the ingredients themselves aren’t toxic, those that are spicy or hot can do a number on your dog’s stomach.

If the pickles only contain cucumbers, brine, vinegar, and dill, a little won’t hurt. A cool benefit of dill is that it can freshen your dog’s breath. You may consider feeding cucumbers only as they are low in calories and help to keep your dog hydrated.

If Your Dog Already Ate Pickles

If your dog already ate a pickle or two, just try to find out its ingredient content. Contact your vet. If your dog ate too much, especially of the toxic type, contact an emergency vet, or Pet Poison Hotline at (855) 764- 7661. They’ll provide on-the-spot life-saving info until your dog can reach an emergency clinic.

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