Are You A Professional Dog Cuddler? This Restaurant Pays $100 An Hour To Dog Cuddlers!

Are You A Professional Dog Cuddler? This Restaurant Pays $100 An Hour To Dog Cuddlers!

Do you ever wish you could get paid to hang out with pups all day? Good news! This job position is no longer just an animal-lover’s fantasy!

In Texas, the MUTTS Canine Cantina sought to hire a dog intern, or a “puptern”. This puptern has a simple yet amazing job – playing with, petting, and entertaining any canine customers who arrive at the cantina!

MUTTS Canine Cantina is a private dog park as well as a completely pup-friendly restaurant. Dozens of people and their pups take a visit to this location on the daily. Pup Moms and Dads are able to sign up for a special membership that will allow their pooches to play in the big dog park that is part of the establishment.

It is in this dog park that the puptern will work! They will be around to supervise the pups as they run around the compound off-leash, provide a hand to throw toys for fetch, and just be around to make everything even better for their four-legged friends.

This MUTTS Canine Cantina branch, which is situated in Fort Worth, is very near to the Texas Christian University, which is why the management thought this fun and interesting job would provide a way to engage with university-goers. The fact that this job pays $100 an hour is sweet icing on this amazing cake!

The application method for this job was fairly unique, too! All one had to do was be at least 18 years old, then head onto Instagram and post content, whether in video or photo form, of themselves showing off their top-notch dog-petting abilities. Then, they simply hashtagged their posts with #MUTTSpuptern to apply!

Hundreds of eager hopefuls applied for the job. Submissions closed on the 12th of November, so sadly, you won’t be able to apply for this amazing position anymore – but keep your eyes peeled for future opportunities!

Images & Feature Image Source: MUTTS Canine Cantina

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