Are You Crazy About Your Pups? Here Are 8 Things You Can Buy For Christmas!

Are You Crazy About Your Pups? Here Are 8 Things You Can Buy For Christmas!

Christmas may be all about giving presents, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself to a little something special for your home!

In fact, sprucing up your living space can make your house look even better when visitors come over for Christmas. Here are eight pup-themed items to choose from!

1. A “We Love Our Dogs” Alderwood Picture Frame

Declare your love for your fur balls with this beautiful engraved picture frame that’s big enough to show off more than one pup in a photograph. It’ll look great alongside other family photos! Buy it here. (Psst: there’s also one designed for one pup, decorated with bones!)

2. A Wagging Tails Pillow

This lovely teal-colored pillow states, “This home is filled with kisses, wet noses, and wagging tales” in eye-catching typography. It’d look great on a sofa, and a pup will look adorable cuddling with it, too! Take a look here.

3. A Home Print

This simple white print is a great decoration for any home and adds a twist of humor to any setting. “Home is where the dog fur sticks to everything but the dog”; truer words have never been spoken. Check it out here!

4. An apron

You may or may not be doing a lot of cooking this Christmas, but regardless, it’s always a good idea to have an apron around. Now you can look extra stylish with a pup-themed one with “Love” printed across, and the “o” replaced by a furry face! They’re available in a dachshund print, a German shepherd print, and a labrador print.

5. A Stay at Home Dog Mom Mug

Who needs those mugs that say “best mom ever” when there’s one dedicated specially for you? Flaunt your position as pup parent with this cute white mug, decorated with italic script. You can see it here!

6. A doormat

Greet visitors this Christmas with an adorable mat, printed with a bright photograph of a particular breed of fur ball. The only downside is that your guests may not want to come into the house, instead preferring to stay outside and stare at your new doormat. Choose one that matches your pup’s breed here!

7. A Paw Print Heart Stone

This stone is engraved with the words “Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts”, and is the perfect touch to decorate a shelf or table. It can also be used as a memorial piece if desired, but the message rings true to any pup parent. You can get it in grey granite or natural.

8. A calendar

This is a practical choice for a Christmas gift to yourself, as it’s about time you need to get some for 2017, anyway! Each one features pictures of specific breeds of fur balls, and there are so many that you’re sure to find your pup’s somewhere. Take a look at the collection here.

Treat yourself – and your house – this festive season with some of these cool household items! Even better, each purchase helps feed a shelter dog for a certain number of meals. It’s a win-win! Do like and share this around. Oh, and Merry Christmas!

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