Are You Thinking About Shaving Your Pup? Here Are 7 Reasons Not To Shave Them

Are You Thinking About Shaving Your Pup? Here Are 7 Reasons Not To Shave Them

Do you think that just because it’s warmer that maybe shaving your pup will help them cope up with the heat? While your thinking may be correct, shaving your pup is not recommended for the following 7 reasons.

If you are a parent of a double coated pup, let me tell you that there’s absolutely no reason for your to start shaving your pup. A double coated pup is one with a harsher coat on top and a softer one underneath the harsher coat.

When it comes to shedding, the softer coat sheds, so for example German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Australian Shepherds, and Siberian Huskies are all double coated. The harsher coat and the softer one does not depend on each other to grow and thus they both grow in different lengths.

While the outer coat grows slower than the inner coat, the outer coat is longer compared to the shorter inner coat. The coat sheds twice a year, but the question remains…is shaving your pup a bad idea? Check out the top 7 reasons on page 2 below!

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  • Double coated pups have sensitive skin and so shaving your pup can cause him to get razor burn, irritated skin and worse, they’re more likely to get sunburned.
  • Shaving your pup will not mean that they will shed less. Their coat will shed twice a year, but if you shave your pup you will end up damaging their coat. Instead of shaving your pup, opt for scheduled grooming by professional to make their coat more manageable.
  • Shaving your pup mean you can permanently damage their coat because as mentioned previously, the inner coat grows faster than the outer coat and this only means that your pup’s inner coat will not be protected and thus the inner coat will end up becoming brittle and it will break off.
  • The inner coat provides insulation for the pup during winters and cools them off during summers. Therefore it’s recommended that you take your pup to professional groomers instead of shaving your pup.
  • You might think that the inner coat is soft and fluffy, but honestly it isn’t. It looks really bad! The outer coat is a beautiful flowing coat without which your pup would literally look skinny!
  • Remember your pup needs the coat to protect his skin from infections, pests and all sorts of other skin problems. shaving your pup means inviting trouble, literally.
  • Finally, shaving your pup will increase the amount of allergens on your pup’s skin, so remember to groom your pup to remove dead hair not shave off the coat, because that will not solve the shedding problem either.

Remember your pup can’t tell you that shaving makes him uncomfortable, but now that you know, please refrain from shaving their beautiful coats, get them groomed instead. You might think that your pup will feel hot with all that hair, but trust me, double coats keep them protected and cool. Unless your pup is severely matted, shaving your pup isn’t a good idea because its the coat that will keep his temperature regulated.

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