As Soon As Mom Runs The Bath, Her Dogs Start Disappearing!

As Soon As Mom Runs The Bath, Her Dogs Start Disappearing!

If you have ever wondered why some dogs love the ocean water or playing in the rain, but hate baths, you are not alone. Many dogs absolutely love to be on the beach, or go swimming in lakes, but will run the other way when a bath is drawn.

Sullivan and Sampson are two brothers that are of the same breed but share multiple differences.

Sullivan loves the water. He swims in his family’s pool and jumps right into the local lakes. During his time in the water, he will chase ducks and splash around, having loads of fun. His brother Sampson on the other hand hates the water. He will simply go near it and step a few paws in, before running in the opposite direction.

When it comes to their family’s pool, Sampson will sit on the edge and not be a part of any fun. With their many differences, they can agree on one thing … They both hate bath time. Their dad, Mike, says he isn’t sure why they aren’t fans of the bath, but he jokes that it’s because they both enjoy being dirty. When these two brothers realize that their mom is about to give them a bath, they immediately hide.

The boys will lay on the couch and refuse to get up, or even go under the tables, making sure they are unreachable. One particular time as she was closing the bathroom door, these two brothers found hilarious hiding spots while being trapped in the bathroom. These dogs had taken refuge behind the shower curtains, still very visible, and wouldn’t make eye contact with their mom.

She had a good laugh, took a picture of their not-so-original hiding spot, and continued onto bath time. Sure, she had a difficult time getting them clean, but it was all worth it for a hilarious picture!

Images Source: Theresa Milke

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